12 Bones is sensitive to maintaining a good work-life balance for our entire team. We make everything from scratch in-house which requires a great deal of care and preparation. Because of this, we are open for lunch only and we don’t take reservations.

Please use the form on this page for catering questions, donation requests or general inquiry questions – contact our locations for hours or store specials.



General Inquiry

Please note that we are open for LUNCH ONLY and we take NO RESERVATIONS.

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Donation Requests

Hey Y’all, we get flooded with tons of donation requests because people know we love giving back to the community and we are happy to do it! But, unfortunately, we have to draw the line somewhere….

We know it is very important to support our local community in all ways possible, we just can’t accommodate every request that is asked of us. The number of requests seeking support will always exceed the funds and resources available.

At this time, we only accept requests from local nonprofit organizations and local school programs.  

All donation requests must be received 60 days prior to the event date.  If you don’t hear from us within 30 days, this means that we are unable to honor your request.

  • At this time we can only accept requests from local organizations and non-profits.
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